Big means and big perspectives in Wickrange

5 April 2022


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Big means and big perspectives

In Wickrange, route des Trois Cantons, Félix Giorgetti is building a large-scale project in partnership with Kuhn Construction. A mixed-use project of approximately 90,000 m² which extends over more than 3 ha. Visit.

It's hard to miss the huge construction site that borders the A4 motorway near Wickrange. It is there, a few minutes from the capital and close to the borders, on the Route des Trois Cantons, that Félix Giorgetti is building a new activity center. A project of more than 90,000m² gross built on a site of 3.3ha. It is a complex consisting of a commercial area and a future housing estate developed and built by Félix Giorgetti.

The starting signal was given in January 2020, when the intense and vast earthworks task began. A few months and some 260,000 m³ of rubble evacuated later, the structural work was able to begin. Excavators and dumpers gave way to concrete mixers, formwork panels, and above all to 9 Skyliners cranes: six tower cranes, two mobile cranes and a crawler crane. Proof, if needed, of the size of the site.

Without revealing the concept – which will soon be presented at a press conference – this new center will bring together many activities that will contribute to its attractiveness to different audiences:

  • Artisanal and commercial  ;
  • Desks  ;
  • Hotel ;
  • A large capacity park house.


Divided in four zones

The scale of the site is such that it has been divided into four zones. In total, up to 85 people, workers and supervisors, work in this huge hive where the complex is gradually emerging from the ground. " In the park house area, we are finishing level +2, presents our project manager project manager. The elevations of the hotel walls have also begun », explains our project manager.

Regarding the construction itself, the main building and the offices consist of a metal frame with floors in collaborating steel trays, the exterior elevations are in reinforced concrete poured on site and double walls inside. For offices, the concrete slab will be smoothed and left rough.

The seven-storey, 40m high hotel will be made up of prefabricated sandwich panels measuring 8.10 x 3.05m and weighing up to 12 tons for the heaviest. These are concrete walls that include both insulation and finishing. These structural elements thus save significant time.

"In general, we proceed in phases. For example, we go up three levels, then we fix the metal frame. It is made up of posts of 15 to 18m. Then we lay the steel decks and concrete one level after another. It's more efficient to do it this way," he explains .

At the entrance to the site, major connection work to the external networks (rainwater and waste water) was also carried out. The teams dug underground to pass under the road on Rue des Trois Cantons. A 10m long trench was dug to install a machine that allows pipes to be laid five and seven meters deep.