20,000 additional m2 for Transalliance

2020 - 2022
Bettembourg - Dudelange



20,000 additional m2 for Transalliance

Six years after the delivery of its logistics hall on the Eurohub site, Transalliance has commissioned Félix Giorgetti to build a 20,000 m2 extension.

The 230m long, 100m wide and 13m high building is organized in two cells of 10,000m2 each, with offices, charging rooms (dedicated to electric vehicles) and workshops. The structure consists of a metal frame and cladding for the most part. The administrative part is made of concrete and includes office spaces, a catering area with kitchen and an outdoor terrace of 1,500 m2. In addition, there are 20 docks cast on site.



Building's surface


Cells of 10,000m2 each

230 x 100 x 13m

Building's dimensions




Cast-in-place docks

Constant soil moisture

Like the first building, the extension is also built on a floor made of bituminous shale.

To ensure the stability of the structure, a waterproof membrane was installed over the entire surface to guarantee constant soil moisture, as well as reverse drainage, a network of drilled pipes fed by the rainwater collection system that will hydrate the soil and prevent the shale from swelling as it dries.