Casa Ferrero

2016 - 2019
Luxembourg - Findel


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Casa Ferrero

Design and turnkey construction of Ferrero’s new world headquarters.

Félix Giorgetti, in association with Besix Red, accompanied the famous Italian agro-industrial company through the construction of its new world headquarters. An extraordinary project of 30,000m2 located in Findel.








Underground levels



A relationship of trust

For Ferrero, Félix Giorgetti carried out a mission of project development, investment advice, project management, construction works for a turnkey delivery.

A partnership project

Tenants of several buildings in the capital city since the early 2000s, Ferrero International was looking for a building that it would own this time, in order to be able to bring all of its employees together in one place and set up its world headquarters there.

The Italian agribusiness had many needs, including being located close to Findel airport and having a surface area of 25,000m2 to accommodate its 1,400 employees.

Thanks to its sizeable property portfolio, Félix Giorgetti owned a piece of land near Luxembourg airport, but the surface area was too small. Besix Red owned a neighbouring property on which construction was already in progress, but was still looking for a buyer.

A partnership was formed to bring the two properties together and put forward a project that would meet our client's requirements.

Flexibility and responsiveness of our teams

Once the partnership had been confirmed, the project for the new Ferrero headquarters moved into high gear, especially the architectural part.

Our teams were mobilised and demonstrated their flexibility and responsiveness to present a project that met all the requirements of our client and corresponded to its brand universe and image.

Thus, Casa Ferrero was born – a building of almost 30,000 m2, composed of two blocks connected by a covered central atrium.

Personalised accompaniment

Félix Giorgetti designed a completely tailor-made project with a unique office concept to match Ferrero's needs and ambitions for its world headquarters.

We mobilised a wide range of in-house expertise to bring this project to fruition: from investment advice, to land search, project development, administrative procedures (including building permits), building design in conjunction with the architect's office, project management, construction and interior design in conjunction with interior designer Lonsdale / AKDV and TDO for space management.

Italian village atmosphere

Casa Ferrero offers exceptional services in an atmosphere inspired by the Italian village of Alba in Piedmont, where the company was born. The office complex consists of two blocks connected by an atrium called “La Piazza” and which, thanks to its impressive glass roof, is bathed in light. With its ochre colours, restaurant terraces, trees, candelabras and balconies reminiscent of loggias, this architectural signature recalls the “dolce vita” of transalpine villages.

More than a work place, Casa Ferrero is a living space with 1,200m2 of catering space that includes 4 restaurants and an Italian café, a medical centre, a concierge service, a fitness centre and a barber shop.

On the upper floors, there are coffee corners, offices and meeting rooms named after the group's brands, VIP lounges, catering rooms, a kitchen and a boardroom with a 34-person table.


In 2019, three years after the first shovel, Félix Giorgetti handed over the Casa Ferrero, a project that is out of the ordinary in terms of its scope, its architecture, the quality of the materials used and the sophistication of the technologies employed.

Data Sheet

The tailor-made project of ± 30,000 m2 overall was devised and built by Félix Giorgetti.

The building

This office complex consists of two blocks built over a shared basement. Block A, an existing infrastructure, was partially demolished to keep only the 3 underground levels, while Block B was completely new. The two blocks are connected above ground by a central atrium entirely covered by a glass roof.


Here, horizontal circulation between the two blocks follows irregularly arranged connecting walkways with a span of about 20 metres; panoramic glass elevators handle vertical circulation.


The building includes a company kitchen, several restaurants, a multi-purpose room, a boardroom and a fitness centre.


Located on a sloping site and built around a large Italian piazza-style atrium, the 11-story building, with 6 upper and 5 lower levels, fits perfectly into its surroundings.

The office areas extend over 9 floors and benefit from maximum natural illumination.

Technical highlight

The demolition of the existing building was done by using the hydrodemolition method. Hydrodemolition is a demolition method that uses a jet of ultra-high pressure (2,000 to 3,000 bar) water to break down concrete without altering its metal reinforcement and without vibration: this avoids the creation of any micro-cracks.



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