Am Leem housing estate

2023 -



Am Leem housing estate

In Bascharage, Félix Giorgetti is developing and building the Am Leem housing estate.

This new residential development is in a quiet, privileged location, set back from the main road between Avenue de Luxembourg and Rue des Prés.

It comprises 15 single-family homes and three small-scale residences, each with four flats.

With its soft colours, zinc roofing, large elegantly framed windows and green spaces, our teams have created a haven of peace, an invitation to well-being and a gentle way of life.





High-performance, eco-responsible construction

To build our housing estate, we chose Green Stone technology, a high-performance solution.

This solution involves prefabricating walls at Green Stone's production site in Bastogne, Belgium. These are then delivered to the site, ready to be installed according to an installation plan supplied by its design office. There are many advantages to this method, including speed of installation, time savings and improved working conditions for the workers involved. For example, a house can be built in one storey a day, compared with 10 days using the traditional method.

The walls are also made of Poroton®, a clay brick containing mineral wool insulation. These combined materials offer excellent thermal performance, making it possible to design homes that consume less energy. Thanks to its integrated insulation, there is no longer any need for external insulation, and façade renderings can be applied directly, saving even more time on planning.