Double width for the narrow street

10 July 2023
Luxembourg - Gare


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Double width for the narrow street

The rue du Chemin de Fer is a small one-way street in the station area, where our teams doubled the width of the road so that construction work could begin on the new CFL headquarters. A delicate mission successfully accomplished.

Nestled between the exit from the Fort Neipperg car park and the platforms of the main railway station, Rue du Chemin de Fer will play a very important role in the years to come. It will be the entry point to the construction site for the new CFL headquarters, which will soon begin with the demolition of the current premises. The work will be carried out in two stages. The first, which has just been completed, involved widening the road and creating an access ramp to allow machinery to reach the site several metres below. The second will take place at the end of 2026, when the new building is handed over, as our project manager explains: "We will extend the wall and the ramp will become an access road to the headquarters for emergency services.

From 3.5 to 7 m wide

The challenge lay in the confined space between the car park exit at the top and the station platforms at the bottom. To keep traffic moving in one direction only, an impressive gantry crane was installed, with a jib 60 m long and 36 m high. "To begin with, we demolished the stairs leading down to the platform, as well as part of the platform and the retaining wall. We laid new foundations to build the new structure, which enabled us to extend the road from 3.5 m to 7 m in width. It consists of 6 m-high pre-cast walls, beams, pre-slabs, cast-in-place slabs and prefabricated cornices," he explains.

This first chapter ended with the laying of asphalt by our partner Julien Cajot.

In fact, our teams are already back, as the CFL has chosen the temporary partnership of Félix Giorgetti, CDCL and Poeckes to build its new headquarters.

We'd like to thank them for their renewed confidence in us, and for the many years of collaboration we've enjoyed!