First Health and Safety at Work week

11 May 2022



First Health and Safety at Work week

Safety is a priority theme at Felix Giorgetti. This is why the company organized its first Occupational Health and Safety week. A training action that took place on the premises and with the collaboration of the IFSB from April 4 to 8.

In total, more than 350 employees took part in this training program, including workers, supervisors and employees from the head office. Each day, 80 people divided into six teams took part in six workshops led by IFSB trainers and Félix Giorgetti. Before going to the different workshops, the teams were first given a briefing by IFSB and Félix Giorgetti, who explained the day's activities and the reason for its organization.

80 accidents in 2021

As a reminder, 80 accidents were recorded in 2021, 34 of which were due to a lack of attention, 16 due to falls from a height and on the same level, and 15 due to manual handling.

In the vast majority of cases, these are minor accidents that could have been avoided and that have repercussions on several levels. First of all, for the injured person, who will suffer the physical and psychological consequences of his or her accident in the more or less long term. For the teams as well, who will have to make up for the absence of a colleague. For the company, this has a significant impact in terms of productivity and costs. In 2021, 1,500 working days were lost.

6 workshops

For this first edition, six thematic workshops were addressed in a theoretical and practical way:

  • Slinging: the choice of slings and accessories according to the load, the environment and the equipment available, judging the condition of slings and accessories, setting up accessories to carry out specific slings and reminding of good practices;
  • Fires: reminder of the different types of extinguishers and how to use them;
  • Escalib: assembly, stabilization, reception and dismantling of a metal spiral staircase of the Escalib type in order to move easily and safely;
  • The 5S method: a workshop led by one of our Lean manager from our Lean & Methods Department, which aimed to show and apply this practice of optimizing the conditions and the work environment by ensuring that it remains tidy, clean and secure with rigor;
  • PPE: presentation and demonstration of the different types of Personal Protective Equipment to be worn according to the risks encountered.
  • Sateco panels: installation and stabilization of a Sateco panel according to the manufacturer's recommendations and demonstration of the risks involved in falling from a panel.

With this first Health and Safety week, Felix Giorgetti wanted to increase its employees' awareness of this essential theme in our sector.

To ensure everybody's safety on our sites, it is not only a question of providing adequate equipment and using quality and well-maintained material, but also of training people in their proper use. Especially since our business has changed a lot since the beginning of the company and is constantly evolving. It is also necessary for everyone to be aware of the issues related to this topic, in particular the role they have to play to ensure their own safety, of their colleagues and of all those involved.

Positive feedbacks

The positive feedback collected during a satisfaction survey conducted at the end of the training is very satisfactory and reinforces our company in this approach.

The participants praised the approach and its content, while giving suggestions for improvement and even for future editions. This first Health and Safety at Work week will not be the last!