Inauguration of the Mersch multimodal hub

18 September 2023


Civil Engineering

Inauguration of the Mersch multimodal hub

After four years of work, Félix Giorgetti officially concluded a major new mobility project for CFL with the inauguration of the new Mersch station and its P+R.

The event was attended by François Bausch (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mobility and Public Works), Jeannot Waringo (Chairman of the Board of Directors of CFL), Marc Wengler (Managing Director of CFL), Henri Werdel (Director of Infrastructure Management at CFL) and Michel Malherbe (Mayor of Mersch).


A wide range of mobility options

The aim of these major works was to create a multimodal hub in the centre of the country and offer residents a comprehensive, high-quality mobility offer, in particular for travelling to the capital by train.

The station modernisation programme includes:

  • Widening and extending the platforms to allow longer trains with more seats;
  • The creation of a central passenger subway and the extension of the southern subway to create access to the new P+R building to facilitate passenger movement;
  • The construction of a bus station with 9 bus stops and 116 cycle spaces;
  • The construction of a P+R with 400 spaces spread over five levels and a surface area of 6,729m2;
  • Development of the station forecourt and surrounding area.

As a result, the capital can be reached in less than 30 minutes from Mersch station.

It is a great honour for our company to have built this new multimodal hub and to be contributing to the mobility of tomorrow. We would like to thank CFL and the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works for their confidence.