Inauguration of the Mühlenweg ramp

25 September 2023
Luxembourg - Gare


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Inauguration of the Mühlenweg ramp

On Monday, Lydie Polfer (Mayor of the City of Luxembourg) and François Bausch (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mobility and Public Works), surrounded by members of the Council of Aldermen and representatives of the Ponts et Chaussées, inaugurated the Mülhenweg ramp for cyclists and pedestrians on the Jean-Pierre Buchler bridge.

The 88 m long and 4 m wide structure is made up of concrete pillars and walls and a metal framework. Its construction is part of the widening of the Buchler bridge, which we will be carrying out from 2019 to 2022, and will significantly improve travel in the city.

The ramp will also play an important role in the local and national cycle network. On the one hand, it will provide direct access between the Gasperich district and the central station. Secondly, it will be an essential link in the 103 express cycle route linking Dudelange to the capital. With a gradient of less than 6%, it will also be easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Félix Giorgetti is particularly proud to have accomplished this mission for the Ponts et Chaussées and to be contributing to the development of soft mobility in Luxembourg! Congratulations to our teams on their work!