Enlargement of Pont Büchler

2019 - 2022
Luxembourg Central Station


Civil Engineering

Enlargement of Pont Büchler Welcome new tram lines

Enlargement of Pont Büchler from 20m to 42m to welcome new tram lines

The Pont Büchler was completely rebuilt to accommodate the new tram lines that will link the central station to the new national stadium through the Bonnevoie district. Objective of the work: to double the width of the structure.

The Pont Büchler is situated next to Luxembourg Central Station and is being widened to accommodate the new tram route that will connect the station to the new national rugby and football stadium at the Cloche d´Or.


Tram tracks


Mixed pedestrian / cycle lanes


Traffic lanes

A multimodal bridge

Its width has been doubled from 20 to 42m to make it a multimodal bridge which will be used by cars, cyclists, the tram and pedestrians.

This 100m long structure spans 13 railway tracks, which makes the work very complex in terms of coordination, safety in and around CFL infrastructures and maintaining the flow of rail and road traffic.

Phased construction

Widening the bridge took place in two phases which involved sawing it lengthwise, demolishing and then rebuilding in two steps in order to maintain road traffic in this important link between the station area and Bonnevoie. The northern section was built first, followed by the southern section. The section was then handed over to Luxtram to start work in preparation for the tram.

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