Hosingen cut-and-cover tunnel

2023 - 2026


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Hosingen cut-and-cover tunnel

Félix Giorgetti, in temporary association with Baatz, inaugurated the long-awaited Hosingen bypass construction project with the completion of its first lot: a 325 m-long cut-and-cover tunnel.

With a length of 325 m, the structure will consist of two tubes, each housing two lanes of traffic and as many pavements for pedestrians, separated by a reinforced concrete wall. The gauge will have a clearance height of 5 m for normal traffic and 5.50 m for exceptional transport. The technical supply and monitoring facilities will be located in a service building at the northern exit of the cut-and-cover tunnel.

Construction of the cut-and-cover will involve major earthworks to a depth of 25 m, involving a total of 350,000 m3 of excavated material, all of which will be stored on site for re-use.

With its rounded geometry, the construction of the structure represents quite a challenge. A 15 m long double carriage will then be installed to carry out the concreting of the cut-and-cover and its two tubes in phases.

4.4 km

Bypass' length

325 m

Cut-and-cover section's length 

350,000 m3


Freeing up the city centre

The Hosingen bypass is intended to relieve congestion in the village centre, which sees almost 17,000 vehicles pass through every day.

The road will start at the "Op der Héi" roundabout and end 4.4 km further north, a few hundred metres after the new Hosingen-Nord interchange at Dorscheid. This will require the construction of a number of engineering structures: seven bridges (including two biotope structures and a wildlife crossing) and a cut-and-cover tunnel. In addition to the network of stormwater pipes for the road and the existing pipes that will be relocated, six water distributors and four retention basins are planned. The stripped topsoil will be reused to cover the embankments and other infrastructure.