Redesign of the Pontpierre interchange

2023 - 2026


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Redesign of the Pontpierre interchange

Inaugurated at the end of the 1960s, the Pontpierre interchange is one of the oldest in the country. Traffic has exploded since then, making it necessary to adapt the infrastructure, which has just three slip roads for entering and leaving the A4.

Especially as motorists currently have to make a diversion through the town to reach the capital. This has a major impact on the comfort and safety of local residents.

Direct access to GRIDX

Organised in several phases, the work being carried out by Félix Giorgetti on behalf of Ponts et Chaussées and the municipality of Mondercrange will initially involve redesigning half of the Esch-Luxembourg interchange, with the creation of two slip roads. These will be served by an oval roundabout 230 m long and 80 m wide, which will extend under the motorway and be equipped with traffic lights. It will also provide direct access to the Wickrange industrial estate and lead to GRIDX. 

83,000 m3


9,400 m2 of acoustic walls

In addition, two bridges will be built to carry the N13 under the A4, and the existing bridge on rue de l'Europe will be demolished. The retention basin connected to the Mess river below will also be redeveloped.

To ensure the peace and quiet of residents, 9,400 m2 of acoustic walls will be installed along the route.

As this is a busy road, traffic will have to be kept moving throughout the works. For this reason, the width of the carriageway and the speed limit have been reduced until the work is completed in February 2026.