Glaasbuurgronn and Groussheck viaducts

1998 - 2001


Civil Engineering

The Glaasbuurgronn and Groussheck viaducts

As part of the construction of the Route du Nord, Félix Giorgetti carried out numerous works including the construction of two viaducts, Glaasbuurgronn and Groussheck, named after the valleys they cross.

The two viaducts - which take their name from the valleys they cross, Glaasbuurgronn and Groussheck - are rectilinear structures of three and four spans, respectively, of constant height without any bias. Each structure includes two parallel decks, offset longitudinally. Each deck consists of a mixed steel-concrete structure composed of two continuous metal box girders and braced on supports, supporting a reinforced concrete slab connected to the beams.


Length - Viaduc Glaasbuurgronn


Lenght - Viaduc Groussheck


Total width of the decks

Key figures

Spans on the axis - The Glaasbuurgronn Viaduct

69m / 85m / 69m

Spans - The Groussheck Viaduct

45m / 60m / 45m / 94,5m

Max height above the valley