Monza on the starting blocks

24 January 2023



Monza on the starting blocks

Located in Wickrange, next to our future GRIDX activity centre, Monza is the first residence of a new development consisting of a second residence, Daytona, and four houses to be built. Construction began last September.

Organised in a U-shape, Monza will have 50 apartments with ideally designed spaces, from studios to three-bedroom flats, suitable for singles, couples and families. 

Green roof and photovoltaic panels

The residence has three floors and two basement levels, which it will share with the future Daytona residence. In addition to excellent energy performance, both buildings will also feature a green roof and solar panels. A big forecourt between the residences will also create a place for residents to live and interact.

Monza will be ideally located between Esch-sur-Alzette and the capital, at the crossroads of the country's main roads, while enjoying the tranquillity of Wickrange, a human-sized city. Its residents will also be able to benefit from the dynamism of the many services and shops offered by GRIDX and the neighbouring industrial zone.

An excellent collaboration

Regarding the schedule, construction is progressing at an excellent pace thanks to the synergy of all the structural work, housing, Lean & Methods and Green Stone teams. This project also saw the installation of prefabricated concrete lift shafts by our subsidiary Green Stone. 

In record time

Monza's scope is also beginning to extend towards its future neighbour Daytona with the start of the basement work that will take place under the huge forecourt that will connect the two residences.

This achievement is the result of the perfect collaboration of our Construction, Housing, Lean & Methods and Green Stone departments. With the construction of Monza, our subsidiary inaugurated the prefabrication of concrete elements and supplied lift shafts, English courtyards and solid concrete elements for the walls of the residence for this project, saving several weeks on the schedule.

The finishing work will begin in May, with delivery of the 50 homes scheduled for the end of 2024.

Preserving nature

Monza's construction site has a particularity: it is built around a tree.

And not just any tree, since it is a remarquable oak and also two hundred years old. As preserving nature is Félix Giorgetti's priority, the plans were adapted to integrate the tree in the project and ensure its longevity.

The team also made sure it will be protectedt during the whole construction period.