"We are a big family"

22 May 2023



"We are a big family"

Pianon, a Luxembourg construction company, joined the Giorgetti Group at the end of 2021. Presentations with Oliver Wacht, its director.

Located in Bettange-sur-Mess, Pianon first appeared on the Luxembourg construction scene in 1994. It specialises in structural work, which now accounts for more than 70% of its activity, as well as civil engineering, roads and other networks, and outdoor development.

It is currently managed by Oliver Wacht (on the left on the picture), who joined the company in 2007 as an engineer. The company has grown from 50 to 130 employees and has found its own rhythm thanks to quality work and a full order book. "We have signed some beautiful projects such as the Bohler Clinic in Kirchberg and a school in Brouch," says Oliver Wacht. We also carry out turnkey real estate projects, and the structural part of the work represents the largest part of our activity, around 70%."

Shared values

The end of 2021 marked a turning point in the history of Pianon, when it joined the Giorgetti Group.

"Mr. Pianon, the founder, decided to retire from the business and we were looking for a buyer. We wanted to be sure that we would be treated equally and with respect. We are very attentive to our employees. These are values that we hold dear and that we have found in the Giorgetti Group. We have been working with Skyliners and Julien Cajot for more than 20 years.

"We know we can count on each other when needed."

The integration into the group allows us to benefit from the synergy of all the skills. "We have a small workshop for minor repairs, but we now call on the logistics centre for the most important ones. We are a big family, and we know we can count on each other when needed.

Evolve alongside the Group

Pianon can also count on the Group to offer new solutions to its customers, including the construction of single-family homes with Green Stone and its prefabricated walls.

"This allows us to make the most of our workforce and to develop our business. The company has already begun the construction of the shell of other projects for Felix Giorgetti, such as the Perle residence in Limpertsberg, a residence on the Champs du Soleil estate in Steinfort, and the Cessange House. The beginning of a great teamwork!

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