Cutting-edge expertise for CFLs

18 April 2024
Luxembourg Gare


Office Buildings

Cutting-edge expertise for CFLs

The metamorphosis of CFL's historic headquarters on Place de la Gare began last September. The project involves the construction of a new 24,000 m2 building to accommodate the group's 1,200 employees, while preserving elements typical of the architecture of the period, in particular the main façades.

Chemins de fer luxembourgeois selected the joint venture between Félix Giorgetti, CDCL and Poeckes to install the base camp and carry out the demolition, earthworks and structural work. This is a major project involving a number of technical challenges.

Precise, methodical demolition

Initially, Félix Giorgetti carried out lot 1, which consisted of widening the Rue du Chemin de Fer and creating a ramp to allow machinery to access the site. Since last September, our teams have been demolishing the building according to a very precise methodology.

The current structure comprises two buildings, one six storeys high and the other 10 storeys high, requiring two different approaches. "For the first, we are going to install a metal structure, which will enable us to retain the main façade and demolish the rest of the building in complete safety. For the second, we need to keep all the façades. The stabilisation system is more complex, and we are studying the best solution for creating a metal shield and carrying out demolition in phases," explains Josu Puelles Magan, works manager. This requires considerable logistics, especially as we are working in an urban environment and have very little space and storage on site.

Another point of vigilance: during the construction of the new building, which will be cantilevered along platform 1, our teams will have to put in place a safety system so that they can work close to the catenary wires. The demolition work should be completed this month, followed by the structural work until 2026.

Up to 14 m of earthwork

In order to create the three basement levels of the car park, the works will also involve digging up to 14 m below the current level, including underpinning the façades and foundations of the neighbouring buildings.