Am Trenker Housing Estate

2009 - 2015



A new way of life at Senningen

Construction of a new residential estate with a total of 48 homes in Senningen.

The development, marketing and construction of a housing estate in phases. At each phase a call for new architects was made to ensure variety in the appearance of the homes.

The prestigious "Am Trenker" housing estate is located in a quiet area of Senningen. Surrounded by greenery and close to a shopping center, it is an ideal location, just 5 minutes from the City of Luxembourg.

The project was carried out in several phases, in blocks of houses. The last phase of the project included the construction of 3 high standard bungalows.

At each phase a call for architects was launched to ensure diversity in the design of the homes and give the estate a varied appearance.

At the centre, Félix Giorgetti also created a play area, providing inhabitants of all ages a place to meet and relax. 





Realisation in phases

Phase 1

12 Houses

Phase 2

13 houses

Phase 3

21 houses + 3 bungalows