Luxembourg stadium

2017 - 2019
Luxembourg - Gasperich


PublicStructural Work

Stade de Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg has entrusted Félix Giorgetti with the construction of the new national soccer and rugby stadium

Félix Giorgetti built the new national soccer and rugby stadium for the City of Luxembourg in the rapidly growing Cloche d'Or district, near the A6 and along the new boulevard Kockelscheuer. The 165m x 135m stadium has a capacity of 9,385 spectators and a thermal envelope in energy class B/B.

  • On level -1, the following are located in the southern part of the stadium: sports facilities, technical, storage and sanitary facilities, media facilities, delivery areas and parking for cars, vans and buses.
  • On level 0, there are technical, storage and sanitary rooms, kiosks, the foyer, the conference and multipurpose rooms;
  • On level +1, on the south side, there is the business club with a professional kitchen, the VIP box, and sanitary facilities;
  • On level +2, on the south side, there is a platform for the cameras and technical rooms.

Dimensions of the stadium

165 x 135m

Playing field dimensions

125 x 80 m

Cast-in-place concrete

13.600 m2

Gross area

16.100 m2

Structural work mission

For this project, Felix Giorgetti was entrusted with the mission of structural work. The work carried out included :

  • earthwork and backfill ;
  • buried networks and grounding (+ temporary installations and empty tubes);
    the reinforced concrete structure cast in place, in prefabricated concrete elements;
  • the metal frame with metal sheet covering panels;
  • masonry, screeds and cement plastering;
  • bituminous waterproofing;
  • waterproofing membranes;
  • mastic asphalt;
  • asphalt mixes.

Our client

Ville de Luxembourg

Key figures



Prefabricated concrete elements of QS2 quality


Steel structure

1.750 t


37.200 m2