Pëckvillchen Residence


Pëckvillchen Residence

Located in Nospelt, the residence Pëckvillchen is made of 20 apartments.

This new residence of 20 apartments is located in Nospelt and is named after the famous clay flower birds, the "Péckvillecher", which are handmade and sold during the "Emaischen" which is held every year in the community.

The future buildings in Nospelt are part of the new district "Kräizhiel", which is the second part of the PAP "Pëckvillchen" and consists of 2 residences, a single-family house, 26 semi-detached houses and 15 row houses.

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Common underground



1 to 3


An exterior for each apartment

The Péckvillchen residence consists of two buildings with a total of 20 well appointed 1 to 3 bedroom apartments.

The common basement includes cellars and parking spaces. All apartments in the residence have a terrace and/or loggia.

On the first floor, all the apartments have a large garden with exclusive use.

And the 4 apartments on the top floor offer the largest surfaces of the residence as well as large terraces.


Located ± 15km from Luxembourg-City and close to the main roads and motorways, Nospelt is part of the municipality of Kehlen and counts today ± 800 inhabitants.

Just a few minutes away from the center of Kehlen, you can take advantage of all the facilities that the municipality has to offer: school, kindergarten, supermarket, restaurants...

Kehlen has a steadily growing population and offers a wide variety of urbanization. There are more and more shops and administrative buildings, but also schools, kindergartens, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, banks, and all the amenities.

Nospelt offers all the necessary amenities for families and young professionals, who will find all the ingredients for a pleasant and easy life.

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