Félix Giorgetti is developing Poolhouse, an office building of more than 21,000 m2 located in Leudelange, complying with the Zero Emission Building, Carbon Footprint Neutral, BREEAM Excellent and Well Building Standard Gold.

Poolhouse is an office building developed by Félix Giorgetti. Located in Leudelange, at the gateway to Luxembourg City, this project offers a comfortable working area of 10,300m2, spread over five levels: a garden level, a ground floor and three upper floors. Bathed in natural light thanks to large glass surfaces, the spaces will be customised according to your needs, in order to encourage exchanges, well-being and productivity among your employees.

Very practical for your employees and visitors, the building has 197 parking spaces located in the three basement levels.

Our Urban Planning and Development and Special Techniques teams have designed a building with remarkable energy and environmental performance and to offer a unique working environment to its occupants.

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Zero carbon emission

Our project will not only meet the ZEmB (zero emission building) standards, but also the 'carbon footprint neutral' standards.

Respect for the environment and energy savings are at the heart of our concerns and those of our clients. This is why we have chosen to aim for a higher classification and to go beyond the regulations which, since 1 January 2023, require the construction of new projects classified as NZEB (nearly zero emission).

The aim is to have a building with very high energy performance, whose low energy consumption is entirely covered by locally produced renewable energy and without carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

The design studies and special techniques led to the following choices to achieve the ZEmB objective:

  • The use of an active slab, a system that consists of a network of flexible pipes embedded directly in the slab. The circulation within the pipes uses the inertia of the concrete and helps to regulate the temperature inside, whether it is to heat in winter or cool in summer;
  • Lighting in the offices with intelligent 150 lum/W floor standing luminaires that save 30-35%;
  • High efficiency heat pumps;
  • 400m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof, compared to the 750m2 planned in the NZEB version.

Carbon footprint neutral

The "Carbon Footprint Neutral" label is based on the most demanding environmental standards in the field of greenhouse gas management and contributes to a more sustainable world.

The method considers emissions from a global perspective, taking into account the life cycle of the building and its entire value chain. It aims to limit the environmental impact of energy consumption, production and building materials, and to compensate for residual emissions that cannot be reduced to achieve carbon neutrality.

Optimal well-being

In addition to the ZEmB and Carbon Footprint Neutral certifications, Poolhouse will be able to claim the BREEAM Excellent and WELL building standard Gold labels, thus offering a modern working environment for the well-being and performance of its occupants.

BREEAM is a method of assessing the quality of a building from an environmental and human point of view, and its environmental impact for a more ecological architecture. It takes into account several criteria including energy management, pollution levels of buildings, water management, waste management, use of innovative processes, people management, access to sustainable transport and the health and well-being of occupants.

The Well Building Standard certifies the quality of the design and operation of buildings in terms of the health and well-being of users. It assesses the performance of a project in the following areas: air, water, food, light, physical activity, comfort and mind.


Ideal accessibility close to the centre of Luxembourg

Poolhouse is located in Leudelange, at the gateway to Luxembourg City. Our office building is located at the end of the All Stroos, in the heart of a rapidly expanding business park with a variety of functions.

In terms of mobility, the site is very well served both by the national motorway network, connected to the neighbouring European road infrastructure, and by public transport, which is free in Luxembourg. In addition to the bus lines, a fast tram will serve Leudelange, with a stop near Poolhouse. It will connect the Cloche d'Or district to Belval in less than 20 minutes.

Only a few kilometres from Poolhouse, the Cloche d'Or district, the gateway to the capital, will very soon be home to a mobility centre including a 2,000-space P+R, a tram stop and a Vél'OH! rental station. Our project is also located near two highly attractive economic centres: GRIDX, our future mixed-use business centre under construction in Wickrange, and Esch-sur-Alzette, the country's second largest city.

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