A3 Bettembourg Ecoduct

2018 - 2021
A3 Luxembourg - Bettembourg Motorway


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The 72-metre long, 51-metre wide wildlife crossing spans the A3 motorway

Félix Giorgetti has constructed the ecoduct which crosses the future railway track and the A3 motorway as part of the new Luxembourg - Bettembourg link

72m long and 51m wide, the structure is composed of one pile and two abutments. Its load-bearing structure over the highway is made of mixed girders (metal and concrete), with coated girders spanning the railway line.

The work was carried out with minimal impact on traffic. The installation over the motorway of the 19 beams, 42m long and weighing 72t, required a complete shutdown of the road over two weekends.






Excavated soil

Fittings and finishes

Plantation of 2,400 shrubs

A windrow was created: made of stone and wood, the design will recreate an environment where animals can take refuge.

4,600m2 of earth and 2,400 shrubs

Some 4,600m2 of earth was brought in for plantings and seeding of the meadow. Ditches for water collection, as well as a basin were constructed, and landscaping introduced around the utility area and the access route to the site.

Finally, no fewer than 2,400 shrubs were planted.

Key Figures



Shrubs planted