Grade Separation, Luxembourg - Bettembourg line

2018 - 2020


Civil Engineering

On the way to the new railway line

Construction of a grade separation on the new Luxembourg - Bettembourg railway line

The construction of a new 7 km section of two-track line (with no stops) on a dedicated site as part of the new Luxembourg-Bettembourg railway link.

Starting from the future mobility hub at Howald, the line first crosses the A3 motorway south of the Gasperich interchange and continues west towards Bettembourg. It leaves this motorway north of Berchem, bypassing it to the west. It then passes under the RN31 (road) before crossing the existing Luxembourg-Bettembourg line in the Alzette valley by means of a grade separation. After crossing the Alzette, the new and existing lines join at the northern entrance to Bettembourg station.

542 m



Metal frame 




Poured concrete 

A 542m-long structure

The work carried out by Félix Giorgetti included the construction of a series of hydraulic and crossing structures called "grade separation", located at the intersection with the existing railway line north of Bettembourg. This crossing of the two railway lines also required moving the existing line by about 30 metres.

The entire grade separation work amounted to approximately 542, made up of 8 smaller works, each made up of 17 sections. This amounted to a total of 2,160t of framework and 600t of steel and a volume of concrete of around 5,000m3.

The works included moving the old railway line with earthworks and 12,000m3 of excavated material in 38 hours.