Höhenhof boulevard

2022 - 2024
Senningerberg - Findel


Civil Engineering

Höhenhof boulevard

In the context of the arrival of the tram to the Findel by the end of 2024, the Ministry of Transport and Mobility has entrusted Félix Giorgetti with the realisation of lots 1 and 2a.

Lot 1 consists of the redevelopment of the Senningerberg interchange, with the construction of part of the new Höhenhof boulevard and the creation of a connecting road between the boulevard and the route de Trèves. This work will turn the area into a real mobility hub, including a P+R, a bicycle parking area, a bicycle path and a tram line with bus and tram stops.


Total fill






Terre Armée, retaining wall



Paving the way for the tram

The new road will also allow motorists to drive directly to the A1 towards Trier.

This section will also require the construction of a retaining wall approximately 135m long and 11m high and 120,000m3 of fill to absorb the steep slope of the terrain. The main component of the lot, this structure is made of reinforced earth (a structure that combines backfill, reinforcement and a modular system of prefabricated concrete panels) and will be composed of reinforcement up to 8m long.

Lot 2a involves sinking under the motorway for the passage of networks and the construction of a covered trench. This 375m long structure with its hoppers will open the way for the tram under the Senningerberg interchange.

Stronger workforce for an ambitious schedule

The main challenge of these assignments lies in the schedule.

Started last November and March, the work must be completed by September 2023 and spring 2024 respectively to prepare for the arrival of the tram. Our teams are fully mobilised, with increased staffing levels and a six-day-a-week schedule to complete this important mobility project as planned.