Belval-West Connection Phase 1

2006 - 2008
Belval - Esch-sur-Alzette


Civil Engineering

Construction of the Central Gate tunnel

As part of the regional development policy for the south of Luxembourg, the government has invested heavily on the Belval site, including in the construction of a northern access route to the site and the construction of the Central Tunnel.

For Phase 1 of the Belval-Ouest link, Félix Giorgetti was selected to complete 475m out of the 735m in the Central Gate tunnel.

The structure represents the largest civil engineering structure of the Esch-sur-Alzette/ Micheville connection project. Alignment with the Central Gate axis, the main artery of the Belval-Ouest conversion site, as well as the bypass of the Sotel right-of-way were the project's main layout constraints.

The project required earthworks of 200,000m3, the construction of the tunnel frames on site and 125,000m3 of backfill.


Length of the covered trench


Traffic lanes


Excavated material



Passing under the railways

Between the French border and the RN31, the structure allows the motorway pass under the CR168 and the CFL/Arbed railway line. It then descends, with a maximum slope of 1.0%, below the urban boulevard surfacing again, to the right of the Dexia building.

Oriented along a generally South-North axis, it is formed by a straight section of 600m on the Micheville side, and a 300m radius bend over the last 135 meters on the Esch-sur-Alzette side.

From a traffic point of view, it belongs to the category of “two-tube” tunnels.

Key figures

Length (including 475m by Félix Giorgetti)