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2019 - 2023


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Railway station renovation

Since May 2019, Felix Giorgetti has been working on the renovation of the Mersch station. Important work to increase the capacity and to bring the railway infrastructure into conformity.

Mersch is a city in the north of Luxembourg that has experienced significant demographic growth in recent years. This trend will continue with the arrival of new real estate projects, including those of the Rue des Prés and the Rives d'Alzette carried by Félix Giorgetti. It is in this context that the CFL has decided to reinforce its services and to launch renovation work at the Mersch station. This major project, which began in mid-2019, has several objectives: to increase the station's reception capacity, to improve passenger safety by bringing the rail facilities into compliance, and to create a new interchange with the construction of a 400-space park and ride facility.

The work program includes

  • The creation of a bus station to the west;
  • The extension of the southern underground;
  • The replacement of the central underground;
  • The construction of several technical buildings: two technical buildings for users (m'Box for bikes, toilets) and a BMS (Building Management System);
  • Numerous improvements to the station's surroundings;
  • Renewal of all the railway infrastructure.

An additional challenge: most of the work had to be carried out with two of the three tracks still in service. Several roadblocks were organized in order to carry out the work requiring an interruption of traffic.


Prefabricated elements for platform 2




38,900 t


Installation of ducts for all dry network pipes


Installation of pipes for water evacuation

A 900-ton tunnel

The Mersch train station counts two underground passages.

The south underground was already existing and was extended to conect to the park and ride.

For the creation of the central passenger underground, our teams built a 900-ton frame 13.75 m long, 9.20 m wide and 5.65 m high, which was then ripped out from underneath tracks 401 and 402 during a dam in summer 2020.

Passengers will then be able to use the underground that will lead them directly to the 400-space P+R - also designed by Félix Giorgetti - located right next to the station. The southern underground has been extended to track 403, which is also included in the specifications.

Key Figures

Excavation pit shoring




Granite edging




Prefabricated elements