Project of the domain Les Champs du Soleil

Calla residence


A residence on a human scale

The Calla residence is taking place in the heart of the Les Champs du Soleil estate in Steinfort. This new mixed-use development, built by Félix Giorgetti and Kuhn Construction, will eventually offer 450 homes (13 houses and 28 residences) with offices and shops.

With only six flats on three levels, Calla is a residence on a human scale where life is good. 

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Les Champs du Soleil is located in the verdant town of Steinfort in the west of the country, on the border with Belgium. With its 5,700 inhabitants, it offers an idyllic living environment just a few kilometers from the capital. Steinfort offers - in addition to the infrastructures necessary for everyday life - a rich past, a living nature, many cultural activities, a variety of restaurants and many interesting possibilities to furnish provide activities in any season.

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