Les Champs du Soleil


Les Champs du Soleil

In Steinfort, Félix Giorgetti and Kuhn Construction have designed “Les Champs du Soleil”, a new district of 450 housing units located in an idyllic setting.

In the peaceful town of Steinfort, located west of Luxembourg and on the border with Belgium, Félix Giorgetti and Kuhn Construction launched in 2016 the realisation of a new mixed-use quarter of 450 housing units.

This ambitious and large-scale project, which covers an area of 45,000 m2, is taking place in three phases.

  • Phase 1, which includes a set of 12 residences with housing, offices and shops, was delivered in 2019.
  • Phase 2, comprising 8 residences and 13 family houses is under construction.
  • Phase 3 will be developed later.


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Familiy houses







A privileged living environment

A new living quarter in Steinfort

A dynamic living quarter

The first phase, delivered in 2019, consists of a set of 11 residences for a total of 118 housing units, offices and shops including a supermarket. This economic activity contributes to the dynamism of the district and provides its inhabi- tants with all the local services they need for more pleasant daily lives.

Realisation in phases

This first part of the Champs du Soleil project includes the Bouton d’Or residences (48 apartments), the Belle-de-Jour and 4 residences (30 apartments) and the Reine-des-Prés residences.

The second phase, in progress, provides for housing including 8 residences for a total of 79 apartments as well as 13 houses.

This part includes the construction of the Alysson residences (40 apartments), the Liseron residence (14 apartments), the Cosmos residence (11 apartments) and the Daphné residence (11 apartments).
The houses are in the form of four blocks: 3 blocks of 3 houses of ± 224m2 on land ranging from ± 1.96m2 to 3.6 ares, and 1 block of 4 houses of ± 206m2 on land ranging from ± 2.1 ares to 3.55 ares.

Finally, the last phase, to come, provides for the construction of 9 residences.

Everything takes place in a privileged environment, in the heart of nature, on the edge of the Eisch and with a view on a pond.


Well-being in Steinfort

Les Champs du Soleil is located in the verdant town of Steinfort in the west of the country, on the border with Belgium. With its 5,700 inhabitants, it offers an idyllic living environment just a few kilometers from the capital. Steinfort offers - in addition to the infrastructures necessary for everyday life - a rich past, a living nature, many cultural activities, a variety of restaurants and many interesting possibilities to furnish provide activities in any season.

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