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Residential real estate is deeply rooted in our DNA, with each new project we strive for excellence in its development and construction

As a builder and promoter, Félix Giorgetti has sound expertise in the real estate sector in Luxembourg. Indeed, since our early days we have built some of the most noteworthy and ambitious projects in the Grand Duchy, including the four high-end apartment buildings on the Media Bay estate on Kirchberg.

Creator of living spaces

Each of our projects are designed by expert teams whose mission is to design living spaces that are perfectly integrated into their economic, social and natural environment. At all times the well-being of their future occupants is taken into consideration. Every detail, technique and material used is carefully studied in order to be certain that we offer the best possible interior and exterior features. Thanks to our Ecogio label, we build homes that combine modern architecture and energy performance. All of our constructions meet the very latest environmental standards guaranteeing the sustainability our customers’ investments.

Our motivation: Customer satisfaction

At Félix Giorgetti we have all the complimentary skills needed to offer an all-in-one service to our customers. We control the entire production chain from the conception of a project to its development, construction and sale.

Customer satisfaction is essential to us. We provide complete and personalised support throughout the entire process, allowing our customers to feel at home right from the start.

Total control of the project

More than simply a builder, Félix Giorgetti is a true centre of expertise for the total construction project


At Félix Giorgetti we have diverse teams of professionals possessing complementary skills that allow us to develop beautiful living spaces that match market expectations perfectly. Our local roots, our in-depth knowledge of the market, our legal, financial and urban planning expertise, enable us to understand all aspects of carrying out and operating a project.


Houses, residential estates and apartment blocks: all of our projects are built with the signature quality that has made our reputation. Our processes, our know-how and the materials we use promise a sustainable construction and a lasting investment. We are rigorous in the selection of service providers for the construction and completion stages in order to guarantee the quality of our buildings and their finishing.

Lean construction & Methods

Our Lean construction service is a true asset in the realization of our projects, as well as a support to our construction and completion teams. It facilitates the optimization the entire production chain by enabling individual and collective workflow efficiencies, rationalizing working methods, quantities and orders, as well as human and material resources. The objective is to respect deadlines and deliver our customers’ homes on time.

360° support

Buying a property is a significant investment. This is why we are entirely at your disposal to guide you throughout the project lifecycle


Our sales department is attentive to our clients’ needs in order find the property that meets their expectations and needs, whether they are looking for a home or an investment.

Client follow-up

Our customer services team plays an advisory role, supporting new owners throughout the construction of their acquisition (showroom visits, choosing materials, etc.). Customers have a dedicated contact until the final visit and handing over of keys.

After sales service

Our after-sales service is available to our customers for any technical intervention that may be required after they have taken ownership of the property. This forms part of our efforts to achieve our quality objectives and helps to improve future constructions, as well as maintain a relationship of trust with our customers.


Investing in a property built by Félix Giorgetti means developing your heritage and ensuring the sustainability of your investment.

The Perle residence, proof of teamwork, from design to delivery of keys


Our town planning experts and our technical design and interior planning offices work together to create plans that integrate housing projects into their natural, social and economic environment. They analyse the potential of each project according to its location, the constraints of the land itself, the urban planning rules in force and the needs of the location and the market. Based on this they optimize the design and energy performance of the development.

Our local roots, our knowledge of the market and our legal expertise allow us to manage the entire project from the beginning. From negotiations with local authorities and filing permit requests to the project’s completion and delivery of documents and keys.

Communication and information sharing within our company are essential and are part of our strategy to continually improve and provide the best possible services to our customers. All departments involved in a project meet regularly at each stage, from development to delivery, and beyond. This allows everyone to be at same level of information, share experiences and analyse possibilities for development and progression from all angles.

In 2006, Domaine Altena was the first project to be carried out according to the low energy consumption eco-friendly concept.

Our Ecogio label

In 2006, Félix Giorgetti launched its "Ecogio" label, taking a more virtuous and respectful approach to the environment. The objective was to anticipate new regulatory requirements, to limit the energy consumption of new buildings, as well as enhance their quality and added value while limiting their impact.

Today, our commitment in this area extends to all of our activities and is demonstrated in several ways:

  • Ecology: projects for the renaturation of watercourses and the creation of parks and green spaces;
  • Circular economy: optimization of resources, recycling and reuse of materials extracted on site, (allowing transport savings), disposal of inert waste and reduction of our carbon footprint. Some of our constructions will themselves be recyclable after demolition;
  • Sustainable development: construction of high energy performance buildings and use of materials such as Poroton for our individual constructions;
  • Renewable energy: integration of systems that permit the use of natural resources such as solar energy (photovoltaic panels) and hydraulic and geothermal energy (heating);


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