Runway rehabilitation of the Findel airport

2021 - 2023
Findel Airport Luxembourg


Civil Engineering

A new ultra modern runway for Findel Airport

In 2021, Findel’s only runway gets a makeover. A large-scale project scheduled over two years because most construction work may only take place at night.

This is a large-scale project taking place from 2021 to 2023 on Findel Airport apron: the complete rehabilitation of the airport’s only runway. With a length of 4,000 metres and a width of 60 metres, the runway is renovated in sections and only at night, from 11 pm to 6 am, so as not to disturb airport operations.

This project is scheduled over two years, as the work can only be carried out from April to September because of the local climate. Commissioned by lux-Airport, the project is being carried out by Somo Findel Airport, a consortium of construction companies made up of Félix Giorgetti, Karp-Kneip Constructions and JCD Airports.


Airfield pavement rehabilitation


Runway length


Runway width



State-of-the-art infrastructure

More specifically, the works involve the complete runway rehabilitation to turn it into a state-of-the-art infrastructure, including the installation of a rainwater drainage network and a signalling system. The runway lighting is being replaced by the latest LED-based system in order to save energy and reduce the airport’s CO2 emissions.

This project requires exemplary logistics since most of the work is carried out at night, when there is no air traffic. Up to 300 people work on the site at the same time and up to 300 tonnes of asphalt are laid every night. Everything accesses and leaves the site through a single point, namely the new E121 checkpoint, where all equipment, materials and machinery can be inspected. As expected, access is subject to extremely strict conditions.

As a result, every night shift needs to be perfectly orchestrated and every minute counts, since, come 6 am, the workers must clear the site before they leave so that the aircraft can use the runway.

Project partners

Karp-Kneip Constructions

JCD Airports


Key figures

Reinforced concrete pipelines DN300 to DN900


Aggregates for asphalt