Tarmac Extension

2017 - 2018
Luxembourg Findel


Civil Engineering

Supporting the growth of Findel Airport

In response to increased operations at Findel Airport, in 2017 lux-Airport initiated work to expand its infrastructure, and in particular its tarmac area between P1 and P7 to accommodate more cargo planes.

The project therefore provides for a tarmac extension between the P1 and P7 aircraft parking areas by building an asphalt taxiway and a reinforced concrete parking apron representing an area 335m long by 40m wide, to lay out four new parking positions for cargo planes on the site of the Höhenhof platform. It also includes the installation of various special structures in reinforced concrete: water pipe, technical equipment, pipes, kerosene pipeline, lighting, etc. as well as the construction of three transformer stations for the new airport infrastructure.

In order not to disrupt airport operations, the work took place over several stages within many constraints such as night work and numerous checks due to very strict access rules.




Taxiway to the parking 

± 60,000m2 

Concrete for the parking


Extension of a tarmac parking area by 60,000m2 to accommodate cargo planes.

21,000 tons of asphalt were laid. Part of the work was carried out at night to reduce the impact of the construction work on airport operations.