Maintenance and Storage Centre

2020 - 2022
Luxembourg - Gare


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Maintenance and Storage Centre

Enhance CFL maintenance capacities

Felix Giorgetti has been working on this major project to increase CFL’s storage and maintenance capacity since early 2020. It has involved work on platforms and networks, using special techniques, at the CFL Maintenance and Storage Centre between the Büchler bridge and the Rangwee tunnel.  

In order to better manage the increasing numbers of people travelling daily to Luxembourg City due to the growing number of cross-border workers, CFL launched a project to expand the central station in 2018. Two new platforms and four additional tracks were to be constructed, bringing the total number of tracks to 14.


Length of the site



Works carried out

CFL commissioned Félix Giorgetti to carry out the modernization of its Maintenance and Storage Centre and the construction of a new seven-track harness.

To this end Félix Giorgetti called upon its expertise in civil and technical engineering in order to do the following: platform work, the reinforcement of the Albert Bousser tunnel (which leads to the Bonnevoie bypass), foundations of the catenaries, an inspection pit, the relocation of existing networks and installation of a new sanitation system.

Our teams are also involved in the electrical supply of small driving forces, electrical equipment, the grounding network for site equipment, wastewater pumping installation and the compressed air distribution network.