Public Infrastructure

Participating in our country’s dynamism

We are proud to put our experience at the service of public infrastructure and actively contributing to the life and dynamism of the country

Félix Giorgetti is a company firmly anchored in the Luxembourg landscape having made a substantial contribution to the construction of the country's public infrastructure. Our century-old experience and building expertise make us a trusted partner in the public market.

Our Submissions, Lean & Methods departments analyse the specifications of each project to find the solutions that best meet the technical and financial expectations of municipal and state institutions.

Rigour is one of our key values, whether we are working as a project manager or as an operator in a particular market. Our working methods guarantee absolute control of the production chain, costs and deadlines.

We work within specifications, budgets and deadlines, and ensure regular follow-up with the client. Works is carried out by our highly qualified teams using quality equipment and materials.

The national football and rugby stadium. A recent achievement of the Giorgetti teams.

Ongoing trust

Our recognized know-how, local roots and quality constructions make us a trusted partner. Since our very first completions, we have worked with public, state and municipal institutions which continue to entrust new projects to us to this day. A notable example is the construction of the new national stadium, which was entrusted to us by City of Luxembourg.

The Grand Theatre of Luxembourg, one of the most emblematic building of the capital.

Recognized expertise

Félix Giorgetti applies all its expertise in civil engineering, structural work and technical services to the construction of public infrastructure. Our teams, specialists in their fields, manage a project in its entirety. From design to construction, from earthworks to structural work and completion, in collaboration with third-party companies right up until the keys are handed over.

The circular economy

In all of our projects, we pay particular attention to the choice of materials used in order to build sustainable structures that are respectful of the environment. As soon as the possibility arises, we set up a circular economy system that allows us to recycle the rubble extracted on site for use in future constructions. This also allows us to limit its transportation to processing centres.


Continuous Investment

Our regular investments in efficient and more ecological machines allow us to optimize the impact of our business on the environment. It is is important to us to take this approach in the development of buildings and structures of public interest.

Our Quality, Safety, Environment department ensures our daily compliance with the sorting of waste on each site. This has led us to obtaining the SuperDrecksKëscht label, the equivalent of the ISO14024 standard, on many sites. Issued by the Environment Ministry, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Trades, this label recognises companies that manage their waste with respect for the environment.

Our Lean & Methods department's mission is to optimize the progress of a site. It achieves this by studying each stage of a construction and meticulously planning the work of each tradesman and worker. This expertise is essential to the success of our projects, providing us with all the information necessary to develop solutions that meet delivery deadlines.


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