Civil Engineering

Ingrained in our history

Félix Giorgetti is a major player in the construction of new roads, bridges, tunnels and other civil engineering structures

Civil engineering is ingrained in the history of Félix Giorgetti, from the construction of the Adolphe bridge in 1901 to the more recent shifting of the Micheville tunnel via the Nordstroos. More than a hundred years of experience at the service of mobility. Giorgetti moves people into and around Luxembourg, facilitating the lives of those who live and work here, as well as contributing to the dynamism of the country.

Félix Giorgetti has all the skills needed to complete the most ambitious and complex developments, and accompany clients at each step of the project, thanks to our turnkey service.

Our strength is the engagement of our employees. Highly qualified, experienced people who are committed to the success of the projects entrusted to us. These dedicated people ensure seamless project management and are always ready to take on new challenges.

Our asset is the quality of our tools and equipment. Thanks to our own fleet of the latest high-quality equipment and machinery, managed and maintained by our own logistics centre, we can guarantee that our sites are well-run, and that work is completed on time.


Have a look at our most noticeable references

Our competences in the field of civil engineering are multiple and complementary



Whether large or small scale, we have a fleet of equipment to match all situations.


Road Works

The construction and renovation of roads, motorways, interchanges, cycle paths, etc.


Platform Works

Airport, rail, logistics areas, etc.


Construction and Renovation

Bridges, wildlife crossings, viaducts, footbridges...


Underground Constructions

Tunnels, covered trenches, interring of network, etc.


Land Use Planning

Renaturation of outside areas, creation of parks and green spaces, storm basins, landscaping.

A taste for challenge

Every project that is entrusted to us represents a challenge that we meet with professionalism and exactitude. Delivering on time and on budget is essential and we employ all of our human and technical resources to this end.


Our knowledge and our high-performance equipment allow us to work in difficult conditions while ensuring the safety and stability of the site and our employees. Any problems encountered are rigorously studied before we then apply our ingenuity to find suitable, sustainable solutions.

Notable challenges include: the construction of a 14m retention basin at the foot of railway tracks; constructing 12,000m3 of earthworks for a railway embankment in two days to allow the removal of two tunnel frames of 2,500 tons each, the sliding of a 20,000 tons tunnel in 72 hours and the invention of a formwork carriage to facilitate concreting on the Junglinster viaduct…


The pairing of our skills with our ability is key to the success of our projects. Our teams and services work in perfect coordination, both internally and with service providers, and are committed to meeting deadlines and budgets. Our project management experience allows us to coordinate our projects, ensure their progress and maintain the relationship of trust that we have with our customers.

Our inhouse logistics centre is responsible for the maintenance and delivery of equipment, also guaranteeing the fully respect of deadlines and budgets.

After the demolition of the old RTL building, the materials were crushed on site to be used in new construction

Circular economy

Respect for the environment has been integrated into our activities for a long time. We build sustainable projects and regularly invest in efficient machines that pollute less and consume less fuel reducing considerably our carbon footprint. Our hydraulic machines that operate in aquatic environments are also equipped with non-polluting oils.

This approach extends to the choice of materials that we use. We also optimize our materials by reusing what has been excavated on our sites where possible.

A collective success

Our performance in civil engineering is the result of the unwavering motivation of our teams. Each of our employees is dedicated to the success of a project, from submission to delivery.

Our motivation: Make a difference

Our motivation to make a difference inspires us to go further. We always work to offer innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. For this reason, we are constantly adapting and improving our services and the materials we work with.


Employees dedicated to civil engineering


Machinists and drivers


Plant equipment


Turnover from civil engineering

10M m3



Civil engineering structures

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